Monday, October 01, 2012

31 days... Getting the House Ready

There are some things that I can put on my planning Christmas list and get done on the same day. Some will take some more thought and planning and help. 

In the past two years, we have done a major renovation and had our partly finished basement flooded and largely destroyed. The renovation didn't end well - so there is still work to be done in our living room - which is where a lot of our Christmas season is spent. The basement is/was home to all our Christmas decorations and crafty supplies. 

So, my first week of Christmas Planning will be readying the house. I need to be deciding what can I live with that is 'unfinished' and what I want to change. And I will continue work in reclaiming the basement and figuring out exactly what we've got down there for decorations and supplies. 

You may not have crazy house issues, but October is a great month to look at the spaces where you spend your holidays. Anything that you need to change or fix or touchup? Maybe it's just a matter cleaning the cupboards or dusting those unseen places. Easier to that now than when you are in the midst of baking, decorating and wrapping gifts.

Do you have a good sense of what decorations you have and where they are and if they work? Better to check now than to be enticed by all those shiny sales when we all end up buying what we don't need. And remember, as you take stock of your decorations, if you haven't put it out in the last couple years, now is a great time to donate it to a GoodWill or Salvation Army store. 

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Spring said...

Yes! I know where mine are, and after our basement water issue, we are weeded down to the basics. I am so excited to feel like I am already prepping ahead for Christmas!