Tuesday, October 30, 2012

31 days of Christmas Planning - Be Generous

I just got home from a conference where I learned about Pure Charity. Pure Charity is a new player in the giving arena. It sort of takes social media,  groupon and credit cards rewards programs, a ton of corporate partners, and some great non-profits and mixes it all together. (That's terribly oversimplified - you should watch the video here.)
What I love about this is that our credit cards and stores have already trained us to be rewards members - earning money, credit or savings. This just takes those already well-developed habits, and makes it so you have a giving account. 

Through Pure Charity, I learned about Generous Tuesday. We have Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and now Generous Tuesday. 

It is my experience that the holidays - and not just the gift giving part - often make me feel squeezed. There isn't enough of me, my time, my creativity, my money. 

But you know what? That is just not true. 

We are more than enough. We bring to the holiday table all the uniqueness and creativity and joy that we were born with. It might not look like your neighbors or sister-in-laws or Martha Stewarts. AND IT SHOULDN'T. 

And we have more than enough. We do. 

The best antidote to feeling squeezed, in my experience, is giving. Make it a priority to give your money, your time, yourself. 

Check out Pure Charity.

Remember Generous Tuesday

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