Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Busy Bee's

These pictures were taken this morning. For one brief moment, maybe even ten minutes, I had all the kids doing something purposeful, and quiet.

Anna playing with Cornstarch Blue Goo.

Caleb working on his dictation.

Sofia coloring (which she call 'ca-ca' - which can also mean cookie or Caleb).
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Pinewood Derby

Here are the pictures from Sunday's Pinewood Derby. It was a heartbreaking experience. Caleb's cool little car came in dead-last every time, sometimes not even making it across the finish line. So painful to watch. We knew it was our job to direct him to cheer for his friends, but man, that just sucked.

I'm told that after the Derby (the girls and I came home) that Caleb's car did much better. The boys were allowed to just play on the track for a while, and his even came in second a couple of times. Marc and Caleb figured it must just be a shy car.

We are already making plans for next year's car.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Full Week

So this week has been one of those, I think I'm an adult now weeks.

Monday was a great day. Homeschooling started off with a great day, for which I am thankful. I also participated in my weekly Monday ritual of laundry washing - if I can conquer the weekends laundry I can conquer this week. There has to be a shorter name for that ritual. Also on Monday I ceased my hemming and hawing about when do I have time to get on the treadmill, and just got on the treadmill. That felt pretty great. Later in the day, I spent an hour shovelling and an hour snowblowing. I also made chili and biscuits to celebrate the days snowfall, made gingerbread cookies, played in the snow with the kids, had hot cocoa with the kids, and read a book. So with all that work done on Monday, the rest of the week has felt simple.

On Tuesday I got a phonecall that the counselor I have been waiting to meet with had an opening, would I like to come in. After some mini-scrambling, I arranged child-care (thank you God for my in-laws), and planned to go to the appt. It was a good appt. I've never been in counseling before, so I don't really know what to expect, but I'll figure it out. I should also mention that I'm going into my second month of being on Lexapro, which has made a HUGE differerence, so it is a bit hard to remember what I'm in counseling for.
On Tuesday night our women's kinship began. We are studying Captivating. I am excited about the Tuesday night group. I am also excited because for many reasons I felt prompted to open the group to an online blog community. I think I'm really onto something and am really excited about that. Did I mention that I was excited?

On Wednesday the kids and I went to the library. My goal this year is to go one a week, and I'm in the midst of finding the time that works well for us. More and more I fall in love with my time at the library. Exciting book that I got yesterday was an Ed Emberly book on how to draw. I figured that especially Caleb needed a 'unit' on drawing to round him out. When we got home and I asked him to do the work he hemmed and hawed (I don't know where he gets that from). He finally got to work and was so delighted with himself.

On Wednesday night, I went to my first Waterville Public Library board meeting. What a nifty group of people. And what a wonderful time to come on board. We're looking at a capital campaign to make some outstanding improvements to the library.I will be serving on the communications committee for the campaign (YES!)

After the meeting my friend Sarah took me to a local pub (bar) and we each had a beer and some fun conversation. Thank you God for Sarah.

Today my friend Izzie came over to use the internet. Neither she nor I felt like doing what we should, so we watched a Veggie Tales (Snoodle's Tale - my favorite) and drank tea from my new teapot. When we realized that it was lunch time I made some macaroni and cheese for the kids and us. Then I rushed Caleb to Cub Scouts.

Our friend Paul got home from TN on Tuesday night and is staying with us for a while. It is so good to be able to live out our commitment to community in this way.
This weekend we have a VCW leaders meeting in the am, and DirecTV hook up in the afternoon. Saturday night, I am going to watch tv. *sigh*

Sunday, January 14, 2007


My sister and brother-in-law got me the coolest tea-pot for Christmas! Adagio.com has a video clip of how it works. Also, Adagio has incredible information and stock of fresh and healthy tea. I think I've decided that as much as Marc is a coffee snob, I will become a tea-snob.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Baby Dolls

I love this about Sofia. Just as often as not, she has one or more baby dolls join her for nap or bedtime. She lays them carefully on her pillow, covers them up to right under their chin, and then snuggles right in next to them. Not only is it so super cute, but I am overwhelmed at her inborn personality to nurture and love little things.
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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Cleaning out the freezer

I always have the best of intentions when I make big meals. I'm quite good about freezing when there is enough. Trouble is, I have a hard time remembering to thaw and use those good intentions.

My friend Elisa (at The Laundry Alternative) said to me over our New Year's vacation that I need to mark on my calendar when I am going to use them, the night that I put them in the freezer. What a great idea!

So in preparation for this new approach to freezing meals, this week is clean out the freezer week.

Last night we had some potato soup. That was exciting, because it wasn't labeled and we didn't know what it was. And it was really yummy.

Tonight we are going to have chicken/apple curry... the house smells great... and my work was just pushing some buttons on the microwave.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Another great book on human trafficking: Vanish, by Tess Gerritsen. I emailed her and told her how much Marc and I appreciated the book, and asked her what resources she used. She emailed me a NY times article, and the title of another book that I'm waiting for from the library.

I'm not sure what God is doing with this, but He sure is up to something.

Married to the BrewMeister

For as long as I can remember, Marc has wanted to brew his own beer. I decided this year would be his year.

I began in November studying and looking for brew-kits to get him for Christmas. Do you know how overwhelming that can be?! Realizing I was clue-less, I began looking on Amazon for books about brewing. The best of both worlds for Marc - books and beer.

My final flash of inspiration was to corral all our family to participate in Marc's brewing dreams for his birthday - just two weeks after Christmas. I asked everyone on Thanksgiving weekend if they wanted to join me. YES! Everyone enthusiastically agreed to chip in some money to give to Marc on his birthday.

So for Christmas, I bought him two books on brewing.

And for the WHOLE month of December, I had one of the most glee-ful, exciting secrets I have ever carried. I can't tell you how many times I wanted to say to Marc 'Guess what I'm getting you for Christmas and guess what you're getting for your birthday.'

I think it was in his stocking that Marc opened a little 'brewing journal' from my parents. He said 'oh, how thoughtful. I just took brewing off my list of goals.' 'Hee hee I thought to myself.' When he opened one of the books I got for him he began to get suspicious. Then came the second book and I couldn't hold it in any longer. "Guess what you're getting for your birthday!?"

He was so happy. I was so happy.

On the Friday before his birthday he took a pilgrimage to a brewing store in Gardiner, and came home with his kit (and a great contact). And on January 6, 2007, Marc brewed his first beer.
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New Haircut

The day the Pulliams left, Anna got a new haircut. She had begun to chew on her pretty long hair (I used to do that, too - hair, strings to my hat or hood, fingernails), and in exasperation I said, "If you keep chewing on your hair I'm going to cut it." First rule in parenting: Never threaten something you don't intend to follow through with. Anna looked at me "Would you please? I want it just like Abby's."
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New Years Baptism

While our friends the Pulliams came up to visit for New Years Eve, Elisa asked me about baptism as an adult. Actually she asked, "Do you think Marc would baptize me tomorrow?" I handed her the phone and said "You'll have to call him." (He and Stephen were going to see Rocky.) She called and internally I was gasping to process the question... the very question that I had been wondering about nearly all Fall. I found that in my mind that "Should I get baptized?" had become "When will I get baptized?"

After she talked to Marc, who gave a quick 'YES!' she and I talked. I told her that I think infant baptism is a real thing. As a sacrament, it is a work of the Holy Spirit, not of our choice. She and I both talked about our infant baptisms, and agreed. The Holy Spirit did something then. But we both felt like we wanted to do something now. Not so much as a time to 'sign up' with God - we've been walking with Him for years - but as a symbol of burying the 'old life'. And for me, I don't have a 'conversion date'.... I've just always kind of known God, and grown in my knowing of Him.

Elisa and I have always been pregnant together. She was pregnant with her first, then two months later we were pregnant. Her second, six months later our second. Our third, eight or so months later, their third (and fourth!). It seems that once again, we were pregnant at the same time, this time in the Spirit.

So with my dear friend Elisa (and her daughter Leah... my 'god-daughter'... that's another story... their story), and by the hands of my best friend and husband, I got baptized on December 31, 2006.

Happy New Year. Happy New Life.

(to hear the sermon and our thought that day, go to www.vcwaterville.org/sermons.htm and click on the Dec. 31 sermon to download it)

Christmas Album

Click on the Photo to View My Picassa Christmas Album.

Christmas Eve PJ's

Here are our Christmas Eve PJ's. The tradition is that I make matching pj's for everyone. They are the ONE present that we get to open on Christmas Eve. Then we spend all day Christmas in our matching outfits. And yes, Marc and I even match the kids.
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Train, 2

Here is a better photo of the train.
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Catching Up

Here is a photo of Anna with our finished train. We are looking forward to having the tradition of making something gingerbread each December.
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Friday, January 05, 2007

Google QOTD

I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, And that enables you to laugh at life's realities. - Dr. Seuss