Friday, October 19, 2012

31 days meets #fiveminutefriday: LOOK

As I began participating in the 31days blog challenge with thenester (and good friendsElisa and Spring), I had already told a group of women that I would commit to four FiveMinuteFridays - just to try the whole 'link up' thing. I decided that it would be a fun challenge (and maybe a disaster that I could laugh about) do this along with the 31 day blog challenge. 

The question is What kind of word will Lisa-Jo Baker come up with and how will it work for my topic.... I have no control over that. And the thought of making it work kind of gives me a thrill.

#fiveminutefriday meet 31days of Christmas preparation. The word this week:  


How many things have I missed because I was hurrying to get things done - especially during the holiday season? How many eyes full of discovery and hearts full of wonder have I not seen? How many beautiful, humble displays have I overlooked as I sought the SHINIEST, BRIGHTEST, EASIEST?

I can't think of a better code word for Christmas planning. Like a super-power cue to stop, sit, and BE. 

LOOK at the child staring in wonder at the lights on the tree in the middle of town.

LOOK at your eyes of the 80yr old who is listening to the Christmas story for the 80th time. 

LOOK into your heart and let it wonder as you imagine LOOKING at the star. 

LOOKing draws us into community. LOOKing draws us into further relationship with the BabyAbba.

Perhaps the phrase for crossing the street that we all learned (didn't we) and have taught our littles, could signal a new plan for Christmas. 



Elizabeth said...

Such a great directive. May we all be able to store it in our hearts NOW and not find ourselves in the middle of the season, wondering what is going on.

Thank you for the lovely post :) I hope you have a wonderful Friday!

Jennifer Peterson said...

Oh I love this!!! I do this all the time being to busy!!!

Susan said...

"The 80 year-old hearing the story for the 80th time" - I love that. Look matches perfectly with your 31 days theme!

Denise said...

Really like this.