Wednesday, October 10, 2012

31 days - pause

While I don't like putting things off to be done on the day of that is what this week has been filled with. And this afternoon, I had time set aside to write todays 31days post after picking my son up from Jazz Band and before supper. New Pumpkin Soup was in the crock pot and bread dough was rising. Not ideal, but it was going to work.

And then I got in a car accident on the way home from Jazz Band. No one is hurt. Seriously. There aren't even scratches on vehicles to cause concern.

But it is a scene that replays and my imagine goes over the what-ifs one in this way or that way. And I'm drinking chamomile tea and being with my family.

Pausing to thank God for protecting the other guy and us and asking God to restore the peace in my heart.

(Thanks for letting me get my words out about it here.)


Meg said...

So glad you were all ok.

Lisa said...

Oh, Em! I am so sorry. What a total bummer. I pray for the trauma turns into a time of praising God for His provisions for you in spite of the accident. Sounds like His protection was all around you and the guy on the bike!