Tuesday, October 09, 2012

31days - Top Ten Gifts to 'Have on Hand'

Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little BlessingsIt's Top Ten Tuesday over at manylittleblessings.

I'm excited about this list of 10 because I don't like to be caught unprepared. As I was thinking about this list, I realized I was thinking about three things: shopping during the year, having a designated spot to put 'just in case' gifts (and not buying more than what will fit there!), and taking advantage of sales.

I am NOT a big shopper. Generally, I don't buy it unless I know where it will go in my home or who I will give it to.  I don't bargain or coupon. But every once in a while I find a sale or something that is lovely. I love going into artisan shops or to craft fairs. But I usually won't spend unless I know where it is going. With this list, I have margin to buy some of these lovely things because I know they fit in my 'have it on hand' list.

These things will fit those last minute 'oh I wish I had gotten so and so something' situations (notice how I didn't say 'should have gotten'). I give the Holy Spirit full permission to nudge me to give gifts in unexpected places. Not that God has to pay attention to my list but it will be a starting place. (Last year I felt as though I should give a mom friend a Valentine's gift. She said it had been over 6 years since she had been given a Valentine's treat.)

Here are The Top Ten Gifts to 'Have on Hand' - for Christmas or year round.
1. candles
2. gift cards
3. jewelry
4. mugs
5. craft or art show items
6. books
7. stationary or pens
8. cd's, music downloads
9. coffee/tea
10. frames
I'm curious. What would be on your list of things to have on hand? What did I miss?


The Lovely One said...

I always keep a few kids' toys and art supplies on hand, for last minute birthday gifts!

Emily said...

Great Idea! Have shuffle around some things to keep those on my lists. That might help me justify that need to buy and smell crayons every August/September :) No really, there for gifts. :)