Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Baby Clothes

These are the clothes Caleb wore home from the hospital. When he was born. 12 years ago.

These clothes have moved three times, and spent the majority of their life in a plastic bin in the basement.

But how cute are they?!

If the boy weren't now 12, I might post the million baby pictures we took in those first few months. (My in-laws had just gotten together and bought us our first digital camera - Sony Mavica that took a 3.5 inch floppy.)

Yeah, it's time to say good-bye to the clothes. How horrible would it be to hold on to them and give them to my (MAYBE, someday a long way away) daughter-in-law for my (MAYBE, even much longer away) grandchild. Creepy.

So, I'll take a picture and hold onto it for any of those things that might OR might not happen somewhere down the road.

Oh, and while I'm at it, I'll let go of some of my mama expectations. He's reaching the age of young adult before my eyes. Buh-bye, baby boy clothes. Buh-bye, baby boy. 

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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Fun with Psalm 139

Yesterday I posted this on Google+:

Caleb is memorizing Psalm 139 for school (taking the first 12 weeks to do it all).

Today, we were going over it and he confessed to me that whenever he says the first verse (You have searched me oh God, and know me) that he thinks of TSA or police officers giving someone a pat-down.

Doesn't that just make you grin?
Today the adventure continued:
This week we are working on verses 1-12. He's got it down pretty well, but verses 11 and 12 are quite a piece of poetry with repeating, twisting words and phrases, so we have had to work extra hard.

Cale memorizes best when he is moving so he paces and sways a lot as he gets going. So as we were working today he was pacing around the living room.

He sped through verses 1-4 and the first part of 5. He stopped. Stuck even though he has HAD it for weeks. He started patting his head in earnest and the pacing started back up.

"I know I know it." pat pat pace pace. "I know I know it."

I could only giggle as I watched him think and pat.

The rest of verse 5 is "You lay your hand upon me".