Saturday, October 20, 2012

31days of Christmas Planning - About Planning

20 days into 31 days and I am amazed that I have gotten this far. The momentum of committing to  have a post for every day of the month (thank GOD for scheduled post) has been an incredible experience.

I wanted to take a bit of a side-trail today to explain what planning means to me. I've had a number of friends say 'you are so organized'.
I want to make sure I have integrity in representing myself in this blog series.

I am organized. My life requires that I be organized - my husband travels a ton and I homeschool three very different kids at three very different levels. I am good at creating and analyzing systems. I have learned this about myself in the last few years. I am good at getting projects started, but not maintaining them long-term.

My follow-through on most things is about average. 

When I read through my posts up to this point, I can see that some work has been done in each instance. Just the writing and thinking about it are work. I'm "analyzing my systems" in a relatively non-stressful atmosphere. In some cases, some good active work has been done (the Christmas card is almost ready to order) and in other cases, I'm still 'just thinking'.

The beauty of a focused time of planning is that it has set my compass. I am making decisions and plans now, in a 'non-hostile' environment, about what I want our Holiday Season to include and encompass.

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Mila Araujo said...

A very lovely post and introduction to the Christmas season in the true light it should be celebrated in: with gratitude and time for family. Thank you so much for this beautiful and refreshing post!