Thursday, October 04, 2012

31 days - International Plans

This year, we began helping Anna and Caleb to each sponsor a child. (For those of you who know our family, Sofie will 'get' her child on her March birthday.) Now is the time to begin to pull together Christmas packages for our kids kids in India and Ethiopia. We will give A&C a small budget to spend on their kids, and help them get the packages ready.

These packages will have several stops along their way to the kids that they are intended. They can take over a month to get to the children.

I need to give the kids (and myself) plenty of time to:

  1. carefully think about what they want to send, 
  2. to research what is acceptable, 
  3. to make a homemade card that includes a letter, 
  4. to wrap and address and get to the post office.

Also, we have a couple families that we love lots who are living internationally. What could we send as holiday love and support?

Our goal: have international packages sent out by November 12.


renee @ FIMBY said...

you can actually send gifts to your sponsor children? how do you do that. We sponsor three kids, one for each of our children and we can't send anything but money and paper items.

Emily said...

Renee, sponsor one through WorldVision and one through Compassion. Part of the planning ahead is pulling out all the info to see what we can do for each one. I remember one being more restrictive than the other (with reasonable explanation). The gifts won't be huge, but we will do something :)