Thursday, October 18, 2012

31 days - When Our Kids buy Gifts

Taken at least three years ago,
I think helping a child to choose and purchase or make a gift for their sibling (and others) can be one of the greatest discipleship opportunities.

When money or resources need to be spent, there is the opportunity to talk about stewardship.

There is the conversation about keeping secrets that are fun and harmless and keeping secrets that are painful and sinful. (This conversation should happen more than once a year.)

There is talking about all the good things that God has given us.

There is talking about what others might not have and growing bold compassion (not fearful compassion). 

There is always the question of is this gift "something your brother would like or something yooou would like".

It is a great time to talk about the reason for the season, over and over again, and to talk about why or why not gifts are an appropriate way to celebrate.

Remember, kids generally don't do well with 'hurry hurry hurry' decisions or processes. Begin to ask them this week if they have some ideas about Christmas giving this year.

It is also hard for kids (and my MotherInLaw) to hold onto a gift once they have picked it out, so you may want to write down those ideas and buy them much closer to GiftGiving day.

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Spring said...

Thanks for this post. I've put a bug in the kids' ears about this since I've started my planning. I want to plan some little one on one chat times to begin the conversations.