Wednesday, October 31, 2012

31 Days of Christmas Planning - the WrapUp

I can hardly believe that it is the end of my 31 days series. I wrote this series in a month that included not just Marc traveling, but my own traveling. Gone from my home and family for five days and coming home just ahead of Sandy - and I still did it. Can we have an early Christmas party just to celebrate that?! 

In some ways, I feel like I exhausted the topic of getting ready for Christmas, and in some ways I think I could do another 31 days on the subject. In all ways, I am pretty glad to have some space to write about some more 'random' things as I journey along. I still have quite a bit of work to do with my own Christmas planning. (Do you know it is only 21 days till Thanksgiving?!) 

I hit my original goal of getting all my thoughts written down so that in the future, I have my list of all that I want to remember to do. 

Here is a landing page of all my posts from this series (for me and you):

Also, this post marks the end of I am permanently migrating my JourneyNotes over to Please take a minute to visit my new and in renovation space. I look forward to continuing the journey over there.

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