Thursday, October 25, 2012

31 days of Christmas planning - extended family

Gifts for extended family - adult family - can get really tricky. Unless you come from a family that - you know - talks about it. I know, if I wanted to, I could initiate this conversation - but, um, yeah. (Holidays make me feel that way a lot.)

So while I'm making my plans for our core family, there is always the lingering anticipation - sometimes good, sometimes bad - of what other people expect and how they will (or won') feel loved.

ALAS (or THANKFULLY), I am not the God of the universe and I will not be the answer to their emotional needs during the holidays. FURTHER, it is my FIRST job to love my husband and kids and to guide a worshipful Christmas season for them.

When it comes to gifts for extended family, it has boiled down to budget and to time needed to execute:
  • Some years we have gotten everyone something (in-laws, outlaws, nieces and nephews).
  • Some years we consolidate the adults and get one gift per couple.
  • A couple years we donated things in honor of our family (like through Heifer International - that made someone made and it kind of ruined it for me a few years). 
  • Some years we have done cards.
  • Some years, gift cards.
I don't know what we will end up doing for gifts this year. *sigh* Nieces and nephews are taken care of, but the rest....

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Miss G said...

I bookmarked your blog in October and read some posts then and am making my way through others now. I like this series!

I completely feel you on this topic of gift giving with extended family! ow! I get really frustrated over it at times but it is part of things so we might as well make the best of things and get through it I guess. :)

Happy Thanksgiving!