Sunday, October 14, 2012

31 days - The Music Tradition

Last Sunday I wrote about our book tradition. Today I'm going to write about our Music tradition.

(I don't have this one. I
just liked the picture.)
I have an obscene number of Christmas albums. And I would listen to them all year, if I could. (I have also been known to not realize ONE song was on repeat for several hours - so, well, you know.) There are only a couple Christmas songs that I will turn skip - no, I'm not a fan of Grandma Getting Run Over, or anything the Chipmunks sing, or Carmen. This is a time of year when I can love many qualities and many styles. 

Just as we get a new Christmas book each year, we get a new cd. Some years it has been the one on the counter at the hardware store or Starbucks. (Yes, I like both places equally.) Other years it has been an intentional choice that reflected an experience or interest in our family. Last year, because Caleb has blossomed into such a wonderful trumpet player, our album was a Canadian Brass album.

Our compromise about Christmas music is that I can start listening the day after Thanksgiving. (Confession: once, in the summer, when Marc was gone, I listened to Christmas music, loud, and sang along. Thanks. I feel better.)

I have an artist in mind for this year, but it involves a surprise adventure that we are having in December. (sshhh)

What are your favorite Christmas albums? What are your least favorite albums? If you don't like Christmas music, add your name below and I can pray for you ;)


Spring said...

Not until after THANKSGIVING!!?? Here it's fair game on November 1st! :) (And since I am a music teacher, we start practicing Christmas music in late September!) I love love love Manheim Steamroller Christmas, and the Nutcracker, and the copy of the gas station Christmas cassette we got in 1986 when I was 13. My dad found the cassette and managed to make us all CD's from it!

LeAnna said...

Our Christmas cd collection is almost the size of our regular cd collection! Our new cds this year are Behold the Lamb of God by Andrew Peterson and A Slugs and Bugs Christmas for the kids. One of my all-time favorites is a compilation album called Your King Has Come. It has some reworkings of some of the advent carols, which are lovely. We also like making Christmas mix cds. We should do a swap of Christmas mixes!