Saturday, October 06, 2012

31 days - Holiday Cards and Letters

USPS photo
It has been years since I have sent Christmas cards and letters. This makes me so sad. There are so many people that have been part of our journey and for many years Christmas was the time that I wrote a letter updating where we are and what we're up to. I'm hoping that by starting Christmas planning this month, I will be able to get a card and letter ready to send out this year.

  • First step: addresses
  • Second step: design and order cards
  • Third step: write letter and print it
  • Fourth step: picture of kids?
  • Fourth step: assemble and address - WAIT! - the kids are old enough to help with that - eat chocolate and supervise assembly and addressing done by kids
  • Fifth step: digital option for greetings in addition to snail mail greeting.

Goal: My Uncle Charles, for most of my life has had his Christmas greetings in the mail Thanksgiving weekend. If I start now, I can drop my cards in the mail the Tuesday (November 20) before Thanksgiving. Cause I might be competitive about that. (No, he doesn't read my blog that I know of and doesn't know that he is going to lose. But I do and you do. Merry Early Christmas to me.)

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