Saturday, October 13, 2012

31 days of Christmas Preparation - My Husband

The hardest gift choice for me to make each year is for my husband. In my mind, it is so important that I most often end up freezing. And putting it off till the week before. And settling for something I want to apologize for. And it just feels icky.

One of the reasons that it is hard to get him stuff is because we spent many years making the kids gifts the financial priority. We would get stuff for them. And if there was money left-over then we would spend it on each other. So much like life if you're not careful.

Another reason it is hard for me to buy for him - he has weird (and expensive) taste. My husband is brilliant in ways that I am not. I am brilliant in ways that he is not. "he's got gaps, I got gaps, together we fill gaps." 

My best Christmas present for him was the year I got the whole family to pitch in a buy him a beer making kit. I don't entirely get it, but he loves it. It makes him happy. And he's cute. 

The third reason it is hard to buy him a gift (or gifts) is that we are generous with each other year round, and we don't have a whole lot that we need. 

But I'm not satisfied with my excuses. I want to score the 'beer making Christmas' again. So my first attention (or agonizing) is going to start with what to get Marc. 

It's impossible to think about gifts in isolation. To say something like "I won't think about what I'm going to get anyone else until I get Marc's present" would be ridiculous. 

But I am starting now, and I am committing to not getting overwhelmed and stalling myself out. 

Who is the hardest person you shop or make gifts for? 

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