Tuesday, October 16, 2012

31 days - Calendaring Christmas Preparation

Now is a great time to look ahead to Thanksgiving (are you aware how early it is this year) through to the New Year and begin to plot things on the calendar.

  • Family gatherings
  • Work parties
  • Church celebrations
  • Band concerts
  • Vacation Time
  • Shopping days
  • Crafting days
  • Christmas Tree
  • Other house decorations
  • Get the car cleaned before the holidays
  • Any Doctor appointments that need to be scheduled this time of year
  • Hair appointments (Nail appointments - my favorite)
  • Cooking days
  • Shipping days
  • Craft Fairs
  • Date(s) with husband
  • Taking kids shopping days (those really have to be separate from your own shopping days)
  • Designated stay at home and BE STILL time
  • Living Nativity
  • Santa Parade

I use google calendar for all my calendaring. I'm going to create a category just for this planning with a bright red label - so that I see it, and so that I remember that each item is an invitation to rejoice - He is Coming!

What did I miss? What else needs to go on the calendar?

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Spring said...

So funny, this is EXACTLY what I did this morning! I spent time calling/IM-ing, and emailing with family working out details for Thanksgiving, starting my food shopping lists for both Thanksgiving and Christmas traditions, booking my girls' birthdays (both between Thanksgiving and Christmas) and calendaring P's Nutcracker rehearsals/shows. While I was at it, I started my notebook where I track those lists, gift ideas, what has already been bought/sent/wrapped etc. Felt a weight lift off after all that! Thanks for getting me thinking earlier this year- this could be my least stressful season yet, despite the busyness!