Saturday, May 28, 2011

Roman Shade Number 1 - Done!

I've been using a pattern from the Martha Stewart website - with lots of modification. I've done loads of curtains before, but this is the first time I've ever used lining (room darking). I was surprised at how nice the liner actually is to use. The top fabric - the hippie butterflies - is a quilt quality batik. Also very nice to work with. Even though I can't wait to get to work on Shade Number 2 - it is time to give some other things - and people, some attention.

Window One, done. I'm a very happy crafter this afternoon. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Saying Goodbye to Some Old Friends

Got a tweet from my sister today 'do you guys have any board books you're finished with? i'm already tired of the ones we have. hee".

I have to admit to a funny series of emotions today about this request. I have delighted in getting rid of most things the kids have outgrown. Toys, clothes, most books have gladly been donated to Salvation Army. 

But there is one pile, one small pile, books that I have imagined myself reading to grandchildren one day. 

Which is SO not like me and SO not really in line with our values. (Which would be interesting to put into a post sometime, but that's not really what I intend this post to be about.) 

I've been having this conversation with myself today about sharing some of my favorite things with a very special niece, or hoarding them in the basement for my SomedayMaybeGrandchildren.

As a way of saluting these books, keeping record of them so I can buy fresh copies for my SomedayMaybeGrandchildren, and of sharing my love of these books with you... here are the board books that have stayed with us a little bit longer. 

Dear Books, 
Thank you for the delight you gave me and Caleb and Anna and Sofia as we snuggled and cuddled. Thank you for laughter and and quiet moments. Thank-you for being the beginning of their deep love affair with reading. 

We commission you, now, to continue your magic with our niece and cousin, our aunt and sister. 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

On her way to Kindergarten Concert

Most often this is what I see. The power walk and determination with only a rare look over her shoulder.

But sometimes I am rewarded with this ....

She had such a lovely kindergarten concert tonight. Sang with all her heart and all her soul. 

What a year of awakening and growth it has been for her.  I think I feel much more melancholy feeling about the end of this year than I did at the thought of my baby beginning school nine months ago.
First Day of Kindergarten

Monday, May 16, 2011

What we did in school today...

We are thoroughly enjoying The Story of the World history books. We began book 3 - Early Modern Times - last week. For this book, I also purchased the Activity Book.  Today our school plans included using this activity as a craft and writing opportunity. 
"At the time of the Star Festival, Tanabata (July 7), it was traditional to decorate a bamboo branch with strips of paper, put poems and wishes on the strips, and then hang it outside. Participants in the Star Festival hoped that these wishes would come true!"

The first problem with my plan was that I didn't have any dowels. Caleb came to to the rescue on that one and pulled out the yard stick that has been kicking around the kitchen for a few weeks. 

The second problem was that it is raining outside and it will be raining outside for what feels like the next decade... Anna came to the rescue on that. She suggested using a planter with rocks. We found a bucket sort of thing at first, but then remembered this uber cool vase made by my sister!

The third modification to the assignment that I made was that we could write poems, wishes or prayers. I got funny and so sweet from my kiddos.

We filled the vase with marbles and topped it off with some word rocks that I had put away in a drawer waiting for the right place to put them. 

I think we will use our Pitman version star festival dowel as a place to share more prayers, poems, and silliness for the rest of our homeschool spring.

Help me to enjoy the rain...

Dear Lord, help me to focus....

Dear God, help the rest of the school year
to be a success.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sight Reading

I am so proud of the musician my son is becoming.

Caleb had been asking for this book of Beatles music and so I told him I would get it for him after a couple track meets (for which I am also very proud of him).

The Material...

...that I am using for Anna's Roman Shades.

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I am using a room darkening lining (for the first time) and a pattern from Martha Stewart.
Because Anna's windows are so big and such an unusual shape, I'm having to do more math and figuring out  than I had anticipated. But with such wonderful fabric, who can get too downtrodden. 

Sunday, May 08, 2011


This is where I started yesterday. This was full of lilies. Full. But I have designs on covering this east facing brick garage wall with morning glories. Three varieties have already grown an inch in the starter pots. I'm busily searching for how early I can plant without high risk of frost. 
I continued today around the corner of the patio. This will be home of some our our resituated lilies.
To the bed that is situated along the patio wall  (yes, we know we need to get that brick work worked on - one thing at at time!). This will be home to a couple bulbs that we left where they were, daisy's, violets, and marigolds (Anna's favorite). 

And I had some sometime helpers. They were fun while they lasted. (You can also see a bit of the 'before' in this picture, too).

A good Mother's Day Weekend.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

New Jeans

This afternoon, I took some time to sew. Just for fun.

I made Molly a pair of pants from the corduroy left over from a jumper I made for the girls (Sofia wore it to school today).

And I made Josefina a pair of jeans from the leg of a pair of my old jeans. (I hate just getting rid of so much denim.)

In other domestic news, Anna and I bought the lining and main material for the roman shades that we will be making her windows. The main material is a beautiful batik with butterfly's in the pattern. Perfect for my girl.
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