Sunday, October 28, 2012

31 days - the Pajamas and Ornament Tradition

On Christmas Eve, after we have gone to an early Christmas Eve church service (I wonder if the kids are old enough to go to a midnight service this year... hmmm), we all get to open one present. The present is always a set of pajamas and an ornament. 

For years, I made matching pajamas. But I became increasingly frustrated with our local fabric shops' (there are two shops) selection of winter flannel (and the prices). One year, I did the math and realized how much I would save if I just bought pajamas -both in time and money. Maybe someday I'll go back to making the pajamas- it is rather romantic - but this year, I'll be shopping for them. Sometimes I have tired to match our colors, and sometimes I have enjoyed getting just the right set for each of the kids distinct personality's. 

When I was a child, my mom would get us a new ornament every year. I still have a wooden truck ornament from 1984, among several others. We have continued the tradition with our kids. Each year they get an ornament that they will put on our Christmas tree. When they are adults they will get a box of ornaments from each year of their childhood lives. 

Christmas Eve wraps up as we open the presents, put on our pajamas, hang the ornaments, read a Christmas story, and go to bed hoping for some hours of sleep before the morning comes. 

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