Monday, September 13, 2010

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My “New Year” times tend to come more around the school-calendar. So now that school has once again commenced, I am in ‘new year’ mode. And again, one of my hopes (do I dare even call them resolutions any more) is to re-establish some sort of regular publication of thepitmans.chronicles.

I’m sitting in our kitchen, with Anna next to me. She is working on her creative writing assignment on ‘how to brush hair for girls’. Anna was in public school last year, but has returned home this year. While I think she learned a lot about social things, I think she also spent most of her days overwhelmed with classroom and school dynamics. We began homeschool three weeks ago, and she is trotting through books and re-engaging in life in a number of ways. She will go to school three mornings a week for specials – Art, PE, and library. She has been assigned a 3rd grade classroom to attend these specials with, and the teacher (as well as the administration) has been wonderful to work with.

Caleb left for school this morning at 7am. A sixth grader. Junior High boy! After a week of school, he is really enjoying it, and enjoying his teachers. This is his second year in public school. While he still is holding out hope to be homeschooled next year, he has done so well and grown so much, we will continue to wait and see. He began to play trumpet last year, and is looking forward to the start of Jazz Band next week.

Sofia left for school around 7:45. Kindergarten for her this year. WOW! She is as outgoing as Marc is, making public school as easy choice for her. She loves everything about her day and is coming home quite tired. The only answer I can get from her about what she likes best about school is ‘mostly…. Everything’.

Marc is working in his office space in our basement – he has sent book 2 to the publisher and is working on number 3, as well as setting up speaking, training, and coaching engagements. He left the hospital last winter to be the campaign manager for moderate republican’s (the last in Maine?) gubernatorial bid. When we lost the primary in June, he began working from home (or local coffee shops). Each month I am still surprised that this works. He is a true entrepreneur (I am not), and I think he is much happier, though maybe feels more direct pressure to produce. Last month, his publicist had him being interviewed on FoxBoston, FoxNewYork, and an online FoxNationalshow. Later he was interviewed by FoxMaine. In the next few weeks he will be in the Boston area and Chicago. A busy, exciting time.

The other sound in our home is the sound of renovation. After many generations of plans and ideas, renovations began this week. Our three bedroom/one bath ranch will become four bedroom/two bath ranch. The rooms and hallway in the original layout were very spacious, so the rooms will still be nice sized, and the layout much more what we need. For awhile we wondered about just moving- probably staying in the Waterville area. But in our current location we are in town on a quiet dead end street with neighbors that we are just getting to know, five minutes from each school, each grocery store, the gym, and Starbucks. So here we will stay, and renovations have begun.

This past Spring and Summer Caleb and Anna participated in baseball and tee-ball, and then participated in track and field all summer. Anna got three ribbons for her javelin throwing (with a personal best of 27’7”). Caleb went to Mechuwana for a week of sleep-away soccer camp, and did a band camp in town as well as taking trumpet lessons from a high school band student. Anna went to a Day Camp at Mechuwana that foscused on Arts and Crafts. Sofia participated in kickball, tball, and ‘tiny-tykes’ through our town’s summer programs. It was a busy summer (and I’m personally glad to be back at the regular school schedule).

There seems to be so much more to share, but at least here is a start. : )

Have a terrific September!
Emily, Marc, Caleb, Anna, and Sofia

Too cute

Going through some photos today and found this....

taken 2006
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Friday, September 10, 2010

First Day of School (last week)

My Mom reminded me that only Caleb got pictures posted on the first day of school. So to do due diligence, here are all three on the first day of public school, last week.

"Really, first day of school pictures again? I'm in Jr. High now."

Calm, cool, and confident waiting for the bus. I chose this picture because she has really never looked back.

Goofy, and a little smug, in her pj's.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Matchbook Found

Look what our contractor just found in the wall!

Here is a closer look at the two panels. Notice the four digit telephone number. Also, the printer (Atkins Printing Service) is still in business. The hot dog shop is not.

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One of the things I love about homeschooling

Today, Marc had the kick-off breakfast for United Way. Anna got to go with him.

Here is a picture of Anna participating in the hooplah:
And here is a picture of her sneaking in some time to do what she loves:

Because of our choice to homeschool, and because of Marc's approach to work and family, our kids have had dozens of opportunities to be involved with what is happening in our community. They have seen adults pulling together to get something done, have seen adults celebrating what has been accomplished, have seen first hand that our donations are going to hurricane relief or the homeless shelter. Organizations like Rotary and United Way aren't just a meeting that Dad goes to with other adults. They have seen and experienced what it is to be a contributing and involved citizen. They have seen that a difference, even if it's a little difference, can be made and is important.

And thinking about it, those are some of the most important lessons that I could offer my kids.