Wednesday, October 03, 2012

31days - The Crafty Question of Christmas Planning

Have you ever found just the perfect thing to make for someone two days before it is giving day? Stayed up way too late finishing a gift that started out with excitement and pleasure and just ends with 'get this thing done and out of my sight'?  Me, too.

Ideally, I would make lots of gifts. And they would look beautiful. And there would be a perfect glow of homemaking goddess around me through the holidays. It would be such a beautiful thing, I would be made into an action figure ornament to adorn Christmas trees everywhere to inspire other homemakers. (oh, did I just say that?!)

The reality is that I homeschool and my husband travels for a living. So when I'm not kicking algebra's butt, I'm playing the role of Mom and Dad (not complaining, just my reality check).

Even before I begin to imagine what I want to make for gifts or decorations, I need to take a realistic assessment of my minutes and hours.

There are two kinds of crafts in my universe: portable and not-portable. Knitting is my current portable craft. I can do it in the car (if I'm not driving) or while I'm visiting with a friend or while I'm waiting for a kid. Non-portable are sewing, jewelry, or clay projects. Somewhere in between are projects on the computer - an increasing outlet for creativity.

As I think about what crafts I want to do, I need to have a good sense of how much time and space each will take.

If I'm going to make something that is 'not-portable', I need to put those hours on my calendar NOW. Are there Saturdays that I can dedicate to sewing or jewelry or clay or candles or whatever else catches my eye in the checkout line or on pinterest? Am I in a place where I can commit to some evenings at those crafts, or will I end up too tired and then frustrated that I can't finish a project?

Computer projects require finishing and printing. I need to know when I want them done by and work my timeline backwards.

Portable crafts - knitting - I need to make sure that I choose a pattern that won't stress me or my budget out. Something that can truly be portable without running the risk of losing the count or pattern between picking up and putting down.

As I continue the work of settling my house and sorting out my supplies, now is the time to look through patterns. It's time to take a look at all those pins that at one point I made over at pinterest.

What do I want to do? 
What do I have the time to do? 
AND WHEN will it get done?


Miss G said...

This is a great series! Thank you for doing it! I came over from the Nester.

Christmas stresses me out, particularly gift giving. I am so glad you wrote about putting the hours on your calendar that it will take to home make gifts! I need to do that for cooking, shopping, making, decorating, etc. Why have I never thought of actually "scheduling" those things on my calendar??! Makes perfect sense! Thank you! I think my husband will be thanking you too when I am not a crazed woman in December. :)


Emily said...

Thank you Kelly. I'm so glad that you are here. And I'm so thankful for your enthusiasm. Cheers to a more peaceful holiday season!