Thursday, October 28, 2010



I hit that point yesterday where I am so done with renovations and dust and dirt and people in my house. I have one corner left to do my daily living in, and yesterday it was made a dirty mess.

I was telling someone yesterday morning, before hitting the Point of Done, that "I even get sick of Marc when he's around too much. Of course it makes sense that I'm sick of the contractor being around the house. This is a normal social consequence."

In the scheme of things, I do have way more to be thankful for than inconvenienced by. I know this.

And I know that I AM STRONG enough and RESILIENT enough to weather this with grace and joy.

So my activity today to recenter and refocus my heart about this will be to tweet my gratitude each hour at least until the kids get home from school. If you are on twitter watch for my #growingrenovationgratitude throughout today.

Saturday, October 02, 2010


Tomorrow is World Communion Sunday, a celebration of communion in all of our diverse ways across cultures, denominations; and a celebration that it is a meal that celebrates that we are One in Christ... though many parts, we make up a whole.

It is my turn to share a brief little 'sermonette' with our youngest tomorrow during the service. I've had a ton of ideas about how to share this with them. What I decided today was to make a word collage on

Rather than trying to unpack the theology of communion, I have chosen to use the word LOVE. After all it is a table of love, a promise of love, and act of love - this mystery of communion.

Here is my handy dandy word artwork:

Wordle: Love