Monday, November 08, 2010

NZ Adventure - Day 1

My part of the NZ adventure is being at home with my oldest and youngest. My husband and middle left today for NZ. They will be gone for the better part of this month. The last time I was away from my husband for this long was the year before Caleb was born when I was in India for four weeks.

It is a very long story about how all the pieces have fallen this way at this time, and maybe over the course of their trip and my adventure I will unpack some of that here, but not tonight.  I'm tired.

The interesting thing about their trip to NZ is that it gives me something I haven't had for 11 years... several consecutive hours a day to myself most days. Because of the age of our kids and because of our homeschooling years, including this year that I'm homeschooling our middle, I have not had a set of days when I have had daytime hours to myself, to care for myself, to listen to myself. And with complete honesty I can say that this is more exciting to me than the idea of traveling to NZ. I feel like I have been given an incredible gift.

So my adventure will be getting to know 'me' in a whole new way. I have a million ideas of how to use the time for soul-care and self-care and home-care. I am a 'to-doer'. I really want to press into some to-being, but also honor the part of my character and making that loves 'doing', too.

Spiritual renewal and self care and awareness are my focus until the day before Thankgiving.

Of course my 5yo was quick to remind me, when she overheard me talking, that SHE's not going anywhere and neither is her older brother. But because I will have chunks of time to myself, I think that all three of us are going to see great benefit and growth from our part of the NZ adventure.

So here on my blog, I have set the goal to check in each day of this adventure... if for no other reason but to do it.


Meg said...

I'm glad you're blogging it :-)

renee @ FIMBY said...

Wow, I will try not to be jealous of self care and me time (happy for you by the way!)