Sunday, November 14, 2010

NZ Adventure - Day 7

(10 days till they get home - if the airlines and weather cooperate.)

This was my personal mission statement that I wrote in 2003:
  • I live as an individual created and called by God.  As I press into His love, I am able to love myself, and my neighbors.
  • I take time for what’s important to me. I am wise with my time and talents. I don’t make fun of the dreams that I have. I enjoy life.
  • I have high expectations and generous amount of grace and forgiveness.
  • I have healthy habits.
  • Marc is my life companion and my best friend.  I am honest with him. I trust him. I encourage and love and serve him. I am my beloved’s and he is mine.
  • I nurture my childrens growth in the LORD and the discovery of their unique purpose in our family and in this life.
  • I shepherd a home that is a haven of renewal, blessing, safety, and happiness for my family.  We live and grow and play and learn together. I am generous with my hospitality to others.
I wrote it soon after moving to Maine, while I was working with a personal life coach. I had written one or two before. It was intended to be a compass that was general enough to work even when circumstances changed, but specific enough to be mine. I haven't looked at it for a long time and I wanted to pull it out during this adventure to see if it still works. And to think about whether it will be a tool that I want to begin using in my life again.

Reading through it quickly, I feel like 'writing' and 'community' are missing. A previous version included 'I laugh often' - I'd like to restore that, maybe. I've learned to really value being generous, to hold onto things lightly and want to continue learning that.

I took three quick tests tonight. I googled 'what color am I' and took three of the tests that came up on the first page. Each one had different questions and each one said I am purple. Isn't that interesting? I am so tired of picking colors for our home renovation, maybe I'll just pick purple for all the rooms that are left! : )

Kids are back to school tomorrow. After four days with kids home, I am ready for four days of kids in school.

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Meg said...

we forgot to pick colors the other day!!!