Thursday, November 18, 2010

NZ Adventure - Day 10

Tonight I am just excited. I think I am excited about many little things. Lots of renovation progress this week - loving the paint colors that we worked so hard to pick; getting a desk refinished for Anna - been working on that since her birthday in May; less than a week till the travelers are home - yeah, we're ready to be all of us again.

I am also feeling the love of lots of friends today... nothing really in particular happened to make this on the top of my awareness. Tonight, I just feel the for real-ness of the people that surround me, that love me, that like me. And I get to love and like back. I forget too easily years of loneliness as a kid and even as an adult. When you make habit of being transient in location and relationships, you miss out on that.

My friend Megin began working on her list of 100 things a couple weeks ago, and I intended to copy her during my NZ adventure. I began today. One of the things that I put on my list (and it surprised me) was 'to live in one place for at least ten years'. I have never had that experience. Even thinking about it makes me teary.

In honor of the movie being released this weekend, I took a ridiculous FB quiz to find out which Harry Potter character I am. I am Nymphadora Tonks. Maybe I'll dye my hair tomorrow in honor of her. Probably not, but it's fun to think about it.

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