Saturday, November 20, 2010

NZ Adventure - Day 12

OY! I just took a random personality test online and it was so depressing! It was one that I am not going to even share the results.

I was just reading my posts from the beginning of this adventure - about 11 days with several hours to myself. About these days being about soul-care and self-care. You know, when I wrote that I pictured myself in a spa or quiet log cabin. I forgot that I was still going to have laundry, dishes, meals, and renovations. So the quiet oasis I imagined is still somewhere ... still in my imagination. My quiet times have come at about this time at night. After taking care of the needs of my family that never stop, and living with the progress (that's the positive spin of it) of renovation.

But I am not bummed out, and the work that I need to do is to be glad with what I have done and have gained. It happens often that I makes lists and expectations that turn out far from perfect. Tonight I am rejoicing that I am learning to not be defeated by that, but to enjoy the unexpected things I've seen on the way.

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Renee @ FIMBY said...

This was timely to read. I just had a little melt down last night about all the works-in-progress in my life (my whole in essence) and the fact that what I expected when we bought this house (that it would some day be remodeled and I would live in it that way and appreciated its done-ness) will not come to pass. I don't like process I like finished. And I am not very patient with this part of myself but when I realized that not even delayed finish with ever happen I sometimes despair.

Anyway, I hear you sister, loud and clear.

And hey, have you read gift of an ordinary day yet by Katrina Kennison. You must. You'd appreciate it on so many levels - motherhood, renovations, personal growth, children becoming adolescence (you know that's just around the corner for us, gasp), appreciating the ordinary. Your post reminded me about it. I hope to blog a short review someday, it's been my top book this fall, but if I don't get around to it I'm telling as many friends about it as I can.

I got it from the Maine library system, so you know where to find it (smile).