Friday, November 26, 2010

NZ Adventure - Day 16&17

There's nothing to make a holiday like a good family reunion.

And there's nothing to help find your voice but to try out different ones. And so what seemed like a lovely Thanksgiving week idea to write about Philippians 4, will conclude here and now. Thanks for being with me while I experimented with that kind of blogging.

My next experiment is going to be, thanks to Starbucks seasonal slogan, "Stories are Gifts... Share".

A couple years ago I read in a magazine about 'harvesting' journals. I can't remember all that the article said about this process, but it is an idea that has stuck with me. I've been an inconsistent journal-er since junior high and have a small box of journals that are waiting in our basement storage.

My starting point will be some of my 'anchor' stories: mission trips, wedding, graduations, births. And who knows what else I will find as I begin to read through my journals.

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