Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I always hesitate to blog about what has happened during my 'quiet time' in the morning (or whenever it happens). When I was a worship leader in training I was taught to make sure you had time to worship personally - not just in preparation. This has followed me into other areas of my life - preaching, writing, even parenting. 

What happened this morning during quiet time was just so cool. So I'm going to share it. And trust that God will continue to teach me about the balance of personal worship and devotion and sharing it in public. 
(If you look carefully you'll notice the mug is coffee-deprived.
But it's my favorite so I wanted it in this picture.)

I had a terrible time settling down this morning. If it could distract me, it did distract. Ironic, since this morning was the first morning all week that the kids have been (mostly) respectful of my 'Mom is going to grab some quiet time. Please only interrupt in large bloody emergencies.'

As I sat down, I thought I was going to read Colossians - where I've been hanging out most of the last couple weeks. But upon exhale of a deep breath Psalm 57 popped into my head. So I went there. I read it. I read it again. (I'm sure you never experience the zone out after verse 3 and have to go back because your eyes might be reading but your heart is thinking about the car appt.) I read it again.

As I read verse 2 this time, I realized I didn't really have a great understanding of the word "vindicate".
I cry out to God Most High,
    to God, who vindicates me

So I pulled out my kindle fire and went to The definition of the English word 'vindicate' includes:
  1. to clear, as from accusation
  2. justify
  3. uphold by argument or evidence
  4. to assert, maintain or defend against opposition
  5. to claim for one self or another
Because I know that English isn't the original language of Psalms, and because I'm not a Hebrew scholar, my next swipe at the word was to see what other versions chose to use as a word in this place. 
  • NASB - who accomplishes all things for me
  • AMP - who performs on my behalf and rewards me
  • CEB - who comes through for me
  • ESV - who fulfills his purpose for me
  • NCV - who does everything for me
I did look at the Hebrew as best I could, but I'm waiting for the Hebrew guy to get home to learn more so that I can not write something that I might need to retract later on. 

Plus, on their own, those 10 things are enough for me to chew on for awhile. 


Lisa said...

Great lesson Emily. Thanks for sharing!

Spring said...

AMEN! I just had to share this with my fellow adoptive mamas- a word in due season for us with things that are going on. Thanks so so much for posting it! :)