Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Soulfest 2012

(from Soulfest website banner)
 Our first year at Soulfest was last year. It takes place at Gunstock Mountain in NH each summer. This year was it's fifteenth anniversary. We've heard about it as long as it has existed, but have always had an excuse to not go.

We took our kids to Soulfest 2011 because we wanted to expand their view of the Body of Christ AND expose them to the super variety of music at an event like Soulfest. We wanted to support an important ministry in New England. 

Soulfest 2012 was the kids 'big Christmas present' - and, I think, the one they were most excited about. We have been counting down to our second Soulfest all year. We went this year because it is one of the best discipleship tools in our parenting tool-belt that we have. 

Soulfest is incredible. For so many reasons. 5 stages around the mountain, dozens of artists, representatives of different ministries, opportunities to learn or serve or give, places to pray and get prayer, thousands of people. 

Thousands of people. Young, Old, Boys, Girls, Dreadlocks, Tight Braids, Skirts, Shorts, Tattoos, Collared Shirts, Mosh Pits, Lawn Chairs, RV's, Tattered Tents, Broken Hearted, Encouraged, Afraid, Hopeful. All of us together. I can't think of a better picture to give my kids (and myself) of the Kindgom of God and the Body of Christ, here and now.

My Picture. I love the NH's
White Mountains.

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