Friday, August 10, 2012

I Love....

I love music. I have always loved music. I expect I will always love music.

Aside from church choirs and school performances, I never really saw a lot of LIVE music until I got married. And even then, it was a rare opportunity that would have us spend money on tickets and transportation to be around live music.

Fireflight on the
MountainTop Stage
at Soulfest
Things have changed, though. Last year (I think), my friend Megin made it a goal to get to a certain number of live performances (not just music). In the past couple years, my friend Matt, a great drummer, began playing in a couple bands. Three years ago, my son began playing trumpet. Last year, my oldest daughter began playing piano. Last year we began our annual pilgrimages to Soulfest.

I love, LOVE live music. I love supporting artists. I love watching them and listening to them play. I love artists in progress, not just in perfection. I love seeing music as people, not just itunes downloads.

The more time I spend around live music, the more I realize it wakes me up in the deepest of places. An entire bad day or bad week, will be turned around with a live performance.

I am becoming more and more aware of the things that bring me awake to who I am created to be. I am many years out of the baby/toddler years, but homeschooling seems to fill in all those hours that I once dreamed would be 'mine'. I'm learning again (and again and again) that they were never 'mine' to begin with. And as I release my tight grip (again and again) I find that God has given me places deep within myself that He uses especially to fill this vessel that regularly empties into the places and people He has put around me.

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naswanson said...

I'm the same way about choral music. After 6 years with the Fort Wayne Children's Choir (and Hope singing in multiple other choirs), I love listening to choral music--a live concert of choral music. And much of choral writing is sacred, the Gospel set to music. What a beautiful sound.