Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Married to the BrewMeister

For as long as I can remember, Marc has wanted to brew his own beer. I decided this year would be his year.

I began in November studying and looking for brew-kits to get him for Christmas. Do you know how overwhelming that can be?! Realizing I was clue-less, I began looking on Amazon for books about brewing. The best of both worlds for Marc - books and beer.

My final flash of inspiration was to corral all our family to participate in Marc's brewing dreams for his birthday - just two weeks after Christmas. I asked everyone on Thanksgiving weekend if they wanted to join me. YES! Everyone enthusiastically agreed to chip in some money to give to Marc on his birthday.

So for Christmas, I bought him two books on brewing.

And for the WHOLE month of December, I had one of the most glee-ful, exciting secrets I have ever carried. I can't tell you how many times I wanted to say to Marc 'Guess what I'm getting you for Christmas and guess what you're getting for your birthday.'

I think it was in his stocking that Marc opened a little 'brewing journal' from my parents. He said 'oh, how thoughtful. I just took brewing off my list of goals.' 'Hee hee I thought to myself.' When he opened one of the books I got for him he began to get suspicious. Then came the second book and I couldn't hold it in any longer. "Guess what you're getting for your birthday!?"

He was so happy. I was so happy.

On the Friday before his birthday he took a pilgrimage to a brewing store in Gardiner, and came home with his kit (and a great contact). And on January 6, 2007, Marc brewed his first beer.
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