Monday, December 11, 2006

Well Spent Dollar

Caleb is very motivated right now to earn money, find money, make money. He has found something in the Lego catalog that has his attention.

In the past, we have paid Caleb for out of the ordinary jobs, but that usually is when we have outdoor work to be done - like moving bricks. With the colder weather, it is harder to get creative with the jobs.

I'm a big proponent of his doing work just because he's part of the team. And he get's a small allowance because he's part of the team ($3 every paycheck - $1 for God, $1 for savings, $1 to spend).

Last night, Caleb asked if he could do the laundry as an above and beyond job. I thought that sounded like a good thing. I certainly would consider his doing the family laundry as above and beyond. So I agreed. Honestly, I didn't think he would see the project through. After all, I am intimately acquainted with the drudgery of the laundry chore.

I am pleased and proud to report that Caleb completed four full loads of laundry today: from sorting, washing, pouring detergent, turning on machine, transferring to dryer, turning on dryer, emptying dryer, folding, and putting in piles to go to our rooms. At 25 cents a load, from start to finish, Caleb is the pleased recipient of the dollar. And for the dollar I feel like I had a day's vacation, and a more grown up and appreciative son then I had when the day started.

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Lisa said...

please tell caleb i'm super proud of him for helping out and being a motivated member of society. :)