Saturday, December 23, 2006

Only in Maine

We were at a Christmas party last night which included the ever-popular Yankee swap. One of the gifts that was under the tree was large with fragile written on it. The gentleman who picked the package carefully opened it. Inside was a styrofoam case. Again cautious opening...

Then what to our wondering eyes should appear? A LIVE lobster. He held it up and it waved Merry Christmas to all of us. What a hoot!

(Apparently, lobsters can live in these conditions for shipping up to 24 hours.)


Lisa said...

paul made lobster bisque on friday night from SCRATCH. from lobster to bisque. it was INCREDIBLE.
do you like lobster? i can't remember where you stand on shellfish :)

Springly1 said...

mmm lobstah!

PETA? take a hike!