Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Gingerbread Train, Day 1

At the beginning of November, I received my FamilyFun magazine. Looking through it, I found a recipe and directions for a Gingerbread Train. I thought it would be fun to do with Anna as a special Anna/Mommy project. I showed her the picture and we've been planning ever since.

Last week I bought all the candy and ingredients. This week is assembly week.

Day 1 (today) is making the dough, which needs to be refrigerated overnight. The dough is made, and it went fairly well. The only snafoo's actually were an older and younger child that couldn't stand Anna and I having an exclusive project. Sofia cried, Caleb paced. Then the kitchen sink got clogged and the food disposal stopped working.

But it went great. Really.

Day 2 (tomorrow, I hope) will be baking day.

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Lisa said...

i THINK you might be the coolest mom ever.