Thursday, December 21, 2006


Just finished this book by Patricia McCormick. Marc bought it for me to bless me a couple months back, and I haven't read it because I am a wimp. It is about the child prostitution trafficking in Nepal and India. It is written a bit like a diary of a thirteen year old girl whose stepfather sells her after a long time of gambling away the family money and a monsoon season the wipes out the rice crop.
McCormick really did her research, and I am thoroughly impressed with the book. I will read this book again and will seek out other books by McCormick.
I know that child prostitution slavery is a huge problem all around the globe. One of the reasons I wanted to read this book was to make the problem more 'personal' and less intellectual for myself. I think I need to read it and share it and process it a few more times to get there...
I think that everyone needs to read this book and enter into the dialogue and awareness of this issue.
I had two initial responses. One was thinking that somewhere in the world there is a little girl who is playing and discovering much like Anna is - playing with dolls, entering the world of being pretty, singing, reading, swinging - and that little girl in a few short years will be sold into a prostitute system that it is impossible to get free from.
My second response is simply 'Lord, how then do I live?'


Rich said...

Hmm sad indeed.
One reaction I have to all that is that it reminds me of the sort of prostitution we Westerners force upon our own.
Less striking in how it plays out publicly perhaps, but a realty nonetheless.

We have our own 'little' issue with forcing an early awareness of sex upon the innocent way before they're ready.
Then, we joke about/encourage dating when they get to be about 9 or 10 or so :it goes on & on..

Then there's the college life..

In the church..out of the church..
It's a crazy mixed up world is it not?


Renee said...


Thanks for the recommendation. I'm looking for a book to read right now. Though I'm not sure that I'm currently in the right frame of mind for this one. Quite frankly it's a subject I'm fairly ignorant about and I'm afraid that becoming informed won't really change anything because I'm not sure what I could do about it... Your question is one we ask ourselves all the time as we become more informed about the world.

Gabrielle Eden said...

I know what you mean. Lord, what can I possibly do?