Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Sofia, what do you have?!

Sofia is getting bolder and bolder about being on the grass or dirt. A couple days ago even she would curl her feet up as high as she could just to avoid touching the grass. Today she was crawling around like she'd been at it forever.

We were making our way around to the front of the house. She stopped to admire something green that was taller than her in a 'flower' bed, so I scooted ahead to throw something away. When I returned (maybe 15 seconds later), Sofia had something in her hand.

"Sofia, what do you have?" Big Grin! Small toss. Picked it up again. Mom moves closer. It's a worm! A big, long worm. And Sofia would pick it up, hold it long enough for it to squirm and then give it a little toss. Then pick it up again. By the time we got the camera she was done with her game of worm-toss, but she was convinced to hold it one more time.

PS. The dirt around her mouth has nothing to do with the garden or the worm, she had just eaten a chocolate cupcake.

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brucey said...

mmm - cupcakes.
we're having a shower for hannah here at work on friday and i'm going to make the diet coke cupcakes.