Monday, May 08, 2006

Marc and I started Tango lessons last night. This is the sixth session of ballroom dance lessons that we have taken: rumba, salsa, triple-time swing, waltz/swing, waltz, and now tango. We're certainly not headed for any competitions, but we're having a great time dancing. We have the most amazing teacher, Jody, who drives up from Portland to teach on Sunday nights, and her tireless assistant Eva.

I have to recommend to anyone who can make the space to dance together on a regular basis, do it! We laugh, and smile, and play... things that now we are parent's of three with a church plant, day-job, and homeschool, and on and on and on, we often forget to do.

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Rich said...

wow, I haveta say my first reaction to tango, rumba etc is something like, 'what the...'
But, I'm also smart enough to realize that it must be cool to be in each others company for even a short while..doing something fun together.