Monday, May 29, 2006

Almost a week past...

Since my last post....

We've had our birthday mini-golf trip with Anna, we had regular kinship, we had a special BBQ/kinship on Friday night and Danny and Linda arrived from Long Island.

Over the weekend (with Danny and Linda) we went to Shaw's Lobster Pound for real Maine lobster (I had steak) and went to an aquarium in Boothbay Harbor (can't recommend it... cool exhibit but not worth the price of admission). Celebrated our 11th anniversary on Saturday evening by going to the local blues bar sans kids (thank you Carrie for the babysitting gift).

In the middle of the night, Marc got really sick, so on Sunday with four hours notice I led the whole church service and preached! Danny and Linda hung out most of the afternoon, then we had to say good-bye to them.

Today we've gone to Home Depot and bought a new range (ours have ceased to work the way they are supposed to), moved my computer from the basement to our main living floor (out of the dungeon) and Marc is now mowing while I am trying to make this computer corner not dominate the dining/kitchen area and look nice and feel comfortable.

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Rich said...

BTW, make sure you divulge either the name of the blues bar, or th edish Marc had lest others suffer the same fate!