Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Saying Goodbye to Some Old Friends

Got a tweet from my sister today 'do you guys have any board books you're finished with? i'm already tired of the ones we have. hee".

I have to admit to a funny series of emotions today about this request. I have delighted in getting rid of most things the kids have outgrown. Toys, clothes, most books have gladly been donated to Salvation Army. 

But there is one pile, one small pile, books that I have imagined myself reading to grandchildren one day. 

Which is SO not like me and SO not really in line with our values. (Which would be interesting to put into a post sometime, but that's not really what I intend this post to be about.) 

I've been having this conversation with myself today about sharing some of my favorite things with a very special niece, or hoarding them in the basement for my SomedayMaybeGrandchildren.

As a way of saluting these books, keeping record of them so I can buy fresh copies for my SomedayMaybeGrandchildren, and of sharing my love of these books with you... here are the board books that have stayed with us a little bit longer. 

Dear Books, 
Thank you for the delight you gave me and Caleb and Anna and Sofia as we snuggled and cuddled. Thank you for laughter and and quiet moments. Thank-you for being the beginning of their deep love affair with reading. 

We commission you, now, to continue your magic with our niece and cousin, our aunt and sister. 

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Jen's Jots said...

I actually CRIED when I gave up The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear. It was a much loved story in our house and I hope someone else has found joy in it...

I also loved The Napping House.

Sigh... Gotta love "Memory Lane".