Friday, April 10, 2009

More on yesterday....

After three errands that led to frustration... I stopped at a gas station, knowing that at least I could fill up our almost empty van.

While we were waiting, a very kind looking lady came up to my window.

"What does your license plate mean?" (Since we moved to Maine our license plate has been IWILLGO).

So I told her- to remind us that we have tried to say 'yes' to God when He asks us, including our move from NY to ME.

She was blessed by that, and gave me a little Bible - she is one of the great workers of the Gideon Auxiliary.

I sat amazed in the van, that even after a frustrating and tiring morning, a stranger of grace would come to me at a gas station and invite me to rest in God's word.

Coincidence... I choose not to think so.

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