Monday, April 06, 2009

Be nice to them....

Let me begin with this confession: Walmart stresses me out. Shopping there is not ideal for my mental health or for my community.
That being said.

I went to Walmart tonight. We had a few things we needed, and I took the opportunity to buy some treats for Easter baskets. As I was checking out, I was visiting with the checkout lady. I told her I was surprised how easy it was to spend money for Easter baskets - but because I really like my kids I guessed it was okay.

I don't know how we got there, and it didn't feel inappropriate at all. But she ended up sharing with me how much more stressful her job has gotten over the past year. How everyone gets so keyed up with their own personal stress of financial difficulty and that this stress gets played out against the people that make barely minimum wage themselves at Walmart (and I imagine nearly other place we shop.)

I had honestly not thought what times of recession would mean for the folks that work with the cash register in our stores.

So be nice to them. Just be gentle, be kind, give a smile, say a prayer.

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Lisa said...

good point. i sometimes get frustrated with what seems like "lack of caring" at the check out, but i suppose if i tried a little harder i could empathize.