Saturday, January 17, 2009

Trash to Treasure

Marc came into the kitchen as I had my hands half-way into the garbage can. He gave me a 'what ARE you doing look' as though this were an unusual thing. I had had an idea, and I was pretty sure the means to my end was still in the garbage.

What I was looking for was the white styrofoam from Caleb's new IPOD docking station. Sure enough it was still there (the other half is still in there if anyone else wants it). I pulled it out and cleaned it off in the sink (fortunately I went treasure hunting before todays coffee grinds had been dumped).

I have been playing with polymer clay and jewelry making for awhile now. With my new Dremel tool that I got for Christmas (SO exciting) I was able to drill holes, and here is a picture of my 'bead rack' that I used to hold the beads while I glazed them.

I was pretty impressed with the beads by themselves, but the glaze that I used really makes them stand out. I can't wait to figure out what to make with them.
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Lisa said...

Beautiful and creative, Em! I wish I was there to do it with you!