Monday, July 30, 2007

D - Guilty Pleasures

(Guilty Pleasures is my alphabetic summer jaunt through fiction at my favorite library.)

It is so me to feel guilty that I haven't finished a book. But the truth is I haven't finished "The Little Country" by Charles deLint, my 'D' selection for Guilty Pleasures. And I don't think I'm going to. I feel as though I should now go to my nearest Bibliophile support group to confess.

"The Little Country" is a fantasy book, which is not my usual choice. I think I might have enjoyed it on a cold day next to a fire with no interruptions. But I am just not connecting with it at all right now.

Of course, it did have to complete with a certain seventh book in a series that arrived at our doorstep last Saturday which a certain very cool boyfriend read out loud to me while we were on vacation. And really to be fair, nothing could compete with that.

So as a pallete cleanser, and an aid to easing back into non-vacation life, I bought "A Cat Who" mystery, and a Miss Marple mystery. I am enjoying early bedtimes, and mindless (although not entirely) reading.

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