Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday Morning bliss

My heart is full.

I woke up around 5:30 thinking about the sermon that I need to polish and pull together for tomorrow. So instead of stewing in thought, I got up and began to work in the quiet of the morning, cool air coming through a window, warm cup of coffee, sitting in my favorite and oft-neglected IKEA poing chair, with my laptop on my lap (again, thank YOU to my LOVE). I wandered in and around email and internet diversions as I looked at the word document.

Realizing that it was 7:30, I just went to tell the kids they could get up and quietly get breakfast and watch tv. (Marc has been so suffering with allergies, I was hoping he could get some extra rest.) So the kids got up and got their Saturday morning breakfast (Caleb pouring the milk over the Chocolate Lucky Charms for all three of them), and they are now quietly watching tv.

But the kicker was when Anna brought me my bowl of Chocolate Lucky Charms (with milk)
and said 'here mommy, we got this for you'.

So the house still remains blissfully quiet. The kids are working as a team. Marc is still resting. And now I'll put my headphones back on and get this sermon polished up.

Aahhh. Saturday morning.