Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Car Key

Well, my morning was taken up trying to get our van to the garage. You wouldn't think that it would be so all consuming, but it happens to be VERY consuming when you don't have keys to said vehicle.

That's right. NO Keys. Yes, that's right, NO keys. I had to say that to the garage (actually to several people at the garage), to AAA, to two separate tow-guys, and to my neighbor. No Keys. I have lost both sets of keys. I even lost it a little with one guy at the garage and said 'yes, no keys - and I'm really a brunette!

To complicate matters further, the van was parked in the garage, nose-first (why would I do it any other way?). So then I had to sign a waver that said I wouldn't hold them accountable for any damage that might happen while pulling my van out of the garage.

All because of no keys.

I'm not sure which is worse... feeling like an idiot, or having the tow-truck guy look at me like I'm the sorriest excuse for responsibility ever.

(I should add that the garage has been awesome this morning. A+++ to rayhaskellflm.com for customer service.)