Friday, October 20, 2006

Living in our WHOLE house

We are so blessed to have not only a roomy ranch for a home, but to have a finished basement under it. So even though we live in a one story house, we essentially have two full levels.

For a long time, the "office" space has been in the basement. The problem with that is that for someone who craves and needs sunlight, especially at this time of year, going into a Cave is not an inspiring work environment. And if that someone attempting to do creative work is wired especially, perhaps even especially called, to be creative, and can't be creative, someone is not so happy (nor are the people who live with her).

Another problem has been that we rarely hang out in our Living room. I have a theory that it has to do with the fact that it is on the North side of the house. We first noticed our lack of living in our living room over a year ago. So we bought a stereo just for that room. It didn't seem to work in drawing more life into the room.

Just off of the living room (to the west) is a little knook with windows on three sides. This has been the 'playroom', but really only used when the kids had friends over. Aside from being a nice place to contain the mess of too many toys, I have been wondering for a few months if it were necessary for that purpose.

So this week, mommy got a playroom. My computer, and another computer that I've set up for the kids, have now taken residence in what already feels like a sanctuary. In the process, all the toys were thrown into the Living Room (who cares, since we hardly ever live in there), and have now been sorted through.

The Living room has been re-arranged (again), toys are mostly put somewhere.

So, this will be the attempt of Fall 2006 to live in our whole house.

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Leeder said...

That's so awesome.
I always thought that playroom was one of the best nooks in your house.
Personally I would definitely feel creativeable in there.