Wednesday, January 18, 2006

When Marc and I got married and especially when we began having children, there were many things on my list of things that I will never do. The list included using the tv as a babysitter, and never having a gaming system in our home.

I must admit. I was wrong.

Bless the experts who say the tv is bad for our kids... but let's see a study on how tv is good for Mom's! In all honesty, we have, with the exception of one year of satellite tv, kept the plug pulled on live television. But we have a killer collection of talking vegetables, bears, and dogs. And I have to say... thank you God for them. Sometimes it is just much better for the kids to sit zoned out in front of the tv than to have to deal with the emotional wrath of Mama.

Then there is the gaming system. I'm still not sure how it happened, but now we have a PS2, and we all (including me) have logged some serious hours of play. I realized the other day when Marc and I were praying, and we both began to use Lego Starwars to describe what was going on, that my life has been changed dramatically.

Perhaps I should go back and pull out my list of all knowing convictions that I made with each pregnancy, and see what I'm going to get to do next.

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