Thursday, January 19, 2006

Another thing that I was sure I would never do as a parent was become a frequenter of McDonald's. Well, we managed that until about a year ago. At that time we began travelling frequently around meal time, and so the Golden Arches and those stupid little toys became part of our universe.

Tonight the kids and I went to the Shrine of the Clown. Boy, does it boost a mom's esteem to become a hero so quickly. They were ready to throw a parade! Mom is great... she give's us chocolate cake. Mom is great. I can't wait for this toy to break!

Really, how did Mom's do it when they had to harvest or kill their food, plus get it ready to eat over a wood fire? Not to mention making their own clothes. I know that it is so much easier to do what mom's have done for centuries now. So, why is it so hard sometimes?

Until I come up with an answer that doesn't implicate me as a wimp, I'll just get my satisfaction in throwing out the Happy Meal toys when the parade is over.

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