Tuesday, January 24, 2006

For his birthday, the kids and I got Marc "Welcome to Diverse City" Tobymac. I wondered why Marc never listened to it in the house, but instead took it out to the car and kept it with him out there. When I borrowed his car to go to KMart and Walmart (kid-free) last week, the cd was cued, and I was one very blessed wife.

I never really listened to DCTalk, or any rap artist. So I had no idea what was on the album. Once I got over the initial shock, I decided that I did like the album for in the car. It's a great travel album. But as far as having it the house, well, I guess I'm glad that he had the sense not to play it in here. With three young, excitable kids, and a mom whose nerves are raw much of the time, it is a good thing to not have the Toby Mac cd in the house.

There is one song on the album that Toby Mac's son does (TruDog: The Return...) it is totally cute and catchy. Caleb especially loves it. So everytime we are in the van (yes, the cd has moved from Marc's car to mine), we listen to #7 on album. We can actually almost do the whole thing as a family on our own.

I actually have been encouraging the kids enjoyment of the album today, intiating our listening to track 7 over and over again. Today, it hit me, though. I'm teaching my kids to love this stuff. Am I prepared for the consequences? Because surely it will be in their rooms before it is in their cars!

My favorite song on the album is #15 Gotta Go. I heard it on the way to kinship last week, and it sums up 2006 thus far.
"I gotta go, I'm 'bout to do a show
Can't take the stress wanna give you my best, Lord
I can't sing with this hanging over me
But the show must go on, Lord, set me free"

Oh, yes. Set us free.

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