Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Win

For the first time since I started homeschooling 10 years ago, I have all my major planning done for the fall NOW. In June. Before summer kicks into full gear. I can't tell you how excited this makes me (or the rest of the family, I think).

This past year was the first year that I didn't buy a curriculum as my foundation. Every other year, I have bought a 'core package' from Sonlight. (I love Sonlight. That is all I will say about that right now.)

This past year, there were several things that led to not buying a curriculum.

  • Caleb wanted to really dig into Ancient History. We homeschool so that we can say 'yes' to those interests. So I pulled together history and readers for the basis of his year. 
  • I wanted to try to do some pieces with some of the kids together. I thought Science might be the best spot for this (the kids are in very different places - 7th, 4th, and 1st grades). I bought the recommended books for one of the Science programs from Sonlight, and planned different levels of work from each of the kids. 
  • Sofia went to public school for kindergarten, missing some of my very favorite Sonlight books for that level. So I combined the books I had from K and 1st grade for her. 
I spent all last summer planning, studying, drawing diagrams and lists on paper and on my computer. I really like logistic work like that.... but it left me exhausted at the beginning of the school year. So this spring, I decided I was going to make my plans, decisions, and purchases BEFORE school got 'done'. (We continue at least Math during the summer, and keep track of the reading and field trips that we take as well.)

An unexpected bonus to my determination has me hooked on this new rhythm. Summer reading. All of the reading that Caleb will enjoy this coming year.... it's mine, all mine (insert maniacal laugh). And honestly, you should be jealous. 

If you want some good reading lists, here is a link to Caleb's 8th grade Readers.  Or maybe you would enjoy Anna's 5th grade Readers.  (Those lists don't include the fabulous read-a-loud lists for each of the kids. Poke around on Sonlight's site. You'll understand.)

*** I had no idea this would become an "I love Sonlight" post. Well, we do. And it did. It has been one of the greatest gifts to our family that we found Sonlight when we began homeschooling. 

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Spring said...

What a funny parallel universe we are living! I can't believe how different this summer already feels (and how I feel about school in the fall) by both going back to Sonlight, and by having it all ready to go by June, so I have the summer OFF! Woot! Enjoying things now like writing music, practicing some new Beethoven, taking photos, and reading. Enjoy your break!