Monday, April 16, 2012

From Sunday

One of the things that I love about where we live is the easy access to this trail network at Colby College. On Sunday, we took our first walk of 2012. When we moved here 7 years ago, I had one on my back, and the other two kids had short little legs. This year it took about fifteen minutes to get to 'The Bridge" because everyone has grown! Time to expand our hiking experiences. 

As I've (casually) studied the Enneagram, I have learned that for my type (9/Peacemaker) it is critical to reconnect with nature. 

I totally agree with the Enneagram (and not just because I am a 9/Peacemaker). My spirit settles and soars at the same time when I am surrounded by nature. It is also the hardest thing for me to prioritize.

So starting in May, instead of swim lessons for our homeschool PE we will be doing some 'intentional hiking. 

Even though they have grown up they haven't lost their love of Pooh Sticks - and a million variations on that theme. I LOVE this picture of all three of them.

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